Ways to Communicate with Parents

Here are a few ways I communicate with parents in my fifth grade classroom. I am hoping to give ideas to others teachers and gain ideas at the same time. Please help spread the word.


  • Homeroom: This app/website has been a great “window” into our daily classroom environment. I post a picture everyday or every two days showcasing what is going on in our classroom. Parents are notified when I post something new. I would compare it to an Intsagram, but for our classroom only. I am the only one able to post, but parents have the ability to like and comment. This tool has made a positive impact this year with parents being able to actually view our classroom and learning on a daily basis. I highly recommend it.
  • Email: This has been a handy tool for years, especially with parents who check their email often. I even started emailing the weekly homework. Parents love receiving a copy of homework even before their child beings it home!
  • Friday Folders: Our school sends home flyers every Friday. Parents are expected to check these. Often school events and classroom newsletters are included.
  • Progress Reports: This year I created progress reports using our new online standards based grading system. Parents liked knowing how their child was progressing mid-trimester.
  • Phone Calls: I need to do this more often, but have found them to be very effective, especially with behavioral issues or to communicate positive information as well.

How do you communicate with parents? I’d love to gather more ideas. I believe involving parents as much as possible is critical to each child’s education and well-being.