My Most Important Job

Today was National Teacher Appreciation Day, but the most important gift I received today was from my oldest daughter.

My room was 80 degrees. Half an hour after students left, so did I. The room was too hot to work in so I brought my work home.

I met my own children at daycare. I even made it before they arrived from being picked up at their school. Emma, my oldest, was the first off the daycare bus. She held a hand-made card in her hand. “Mom, you have to read this!” she shouted enthusiastically. 

We made the five minute trip home listening to classic rock (my girls’ favorite). As we unpacked the car, Emma said, “Mom, read the card!” 

I unpacked our school items and proceeded to read the hand-made card. It read, “Happy Mothers Day” on the front. Inside she wrote, “You are the best mom I could ever have!” On the other side, Emma drew a picture of us exchanging the card. She was so proud. 

I was surprised because Mother’s Day is not until Sunday, yet Emma felt the need to give her mom a card early. 

This was a message I received loud and clear. My children (and being a mother) is my MOST important job. Yes, I LOVE being a teacher and do my very best for my “school children” everyday. But, my children are still the most important and most deserving of my time. 

When you work with a needy population of kids, it can be hard to let your “school kids”and their issues go, when you are at home, away from them. But, when I am home, MY children are the most important.

Thank you Emma, for the Mother’s Day card I received early from you today. You will never know how the card was THE most important gift I received on Teacher Appreciation Day.


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