Time for the Little Things

I built a Lego house with my girls today. Yesterday, I cleaned the house. I didn’t grade papers or plan lessons.

I spent time on the little things. I took time to relax and keep away from my job for the weekend. It was nice. It was refreshing. It was calming.

I didn’t worry about falling behind. I was present in the moment. I was able to do this because I am doing the same thing with my students this year.

I am taking time for “Yoga Breaks.” I take time to play transition music. I take time to just “be” with my students. 

I am a person who loves schedules and checklists. I am efficient and know how to throw out the “fluff.” But what I am realizing is that I can be too good at this. I need to take the time for the little things. And I finally am. 

I’m adding back in the joy in my job and in my life. It is okay to just “be.” Be in the moment. Be present. Be there for your students and your own children. Be there for your spouse. Take the time for the little things.


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