Great Things Take Time

Just sharing a celebration moment that happened last week in our classroom. Picture the student who has lots of creativity, outside of the box thinker, and always has trouble with deadlines. In the traditional classroom, this students has difficulty keeping up and feeling successful.

Now give them the opportunity to work on a Passion Project/Genius Hour. No deadline, just trial and error. That student finally presents for the first time in…MAY!

What happens next, the whole class is amazed. We never expected how she took 51 slides, put them to music, and told a story. It was by far the most impressive project of the year. No one expected this from her. You should have seen how she inspired her peers and the pride on her face, knowing how her effort and perserverence paid off. What a life lesson to learn!! If only we could provide opportunities like this more often in education. Powerful.


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