How I use the Single Point Rubric to Provide Feedback

I have been using the single point rubric template I found on the cultofpedagogy website by Jennifer Gonzalez.  My students find the tool useful because I am able to give them written feedback based on the criteria instead of giving them a grade. I then meet with students in small groups and we go over the feedback and reteach if necessary. Students then use the feedback to make changes to meet the criteria. They appreciate that the rubric is not the end product (grade), instead, it is the tool to help them progress towards the goal/criteria. Students get the opportunity to continue their learning journey. Below are links to two of my rubrics for Fifth Grade and an example of how I use this tool. Let me know what you think.

Link to multiplication and division of fractions document: Single-Point-Rubric CCSS Mult and Divide Fractions Fifth Grade

Link to the document below: Single-Point-Rubric-Writing an opinion Fifth Grade

March 205
Student sample of opinion writing. This student has struggled with writing in the past.
March 206
Single Point Rubric used to provide the students with feedback

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