The Zone

Today, a student of mine missed the entire transition directions. When he realized what happened, he stated, “I was in the Art Zone, just like when I’m in the Reading Zone. Larry Ferlazzo refers to this zone as “Flow.” My student was so engrossed into his work that he lost track of everything going on around him. He was in the Learning Zone or “Flow.”

To hear him refer to the Reading Zone in comparison to his experience with Art today made me proud. This child clearly knows how exciting learning can be. After reading Nancie Atwell’s book, The Reading Zone,” this summer, I set up my classroom, starting day one, discussing the Reading Zone. Our one goal during the thirty minute reading time is to get into, and stay, in the Zone. You can read more about this in my previous post, Students Devouring Books-How I Accomplished this in my Classroom. 

Students have entered the Zone during choice reading time all year long. Genius Hour has facilitated this process as well, allowing students to pursue their passions. But how do I make this possible more often, and in more subject areas? How do I intentionally plan and teach, the way I did with reading, the Zone in the other subject areas? 

I’m definitely proud of fostering the love of reading and learning in each student this year, but I know there is so much more I can do. Thoughts?


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