Living the Good Life!

As I think about my fifth graders and approaching the most difficult time of year, I cannot help but think what a “good life” it is to be a teacher.

I really hammered down the expectations today. My students are getting really comfortable and some, a few, cannot handle this. Now that they are comfortable, behaviors seem to be popping up. We reviewed and practiced daily routines including lining up and how to leave enough space between people. It was structured to the MAX today, including timing how long they had to turn and talk, explicitly practicing HOW to do this. This is only my second year teaching fifth grade, before, I always taught primary. Maybe this is a common occurance in fifth grade?? I do not know?

Yet, when the going gets tough, I had a student at the end of the day state, “I think you are the nicest teacher I have ever had.” Students do not realize how much a little statement like that can melt your heart and make it all worth it. There is no better job than educating our youth! I truly LOVE my job. I truly love jumping up to fifth grade despite its challenges. I really do feel I am living the good life. Even with the roller coaster of emotions this time of year, I could not imagine a better job! 


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