Reflecting on Firsts

Nine days ago I published my first post. I made a leap I never thought I would do. It was scary. It is still scary when I hit that publish button. 

When I read my posts later, I cannot help thinking, “I should of written that differently,” or “that isn’t exactly what I meant to say.” The great thing is, I am perfectly okay with it not being perfect.

Now let’s talk about the need to be perfect. I like the Common Core, but I do not like what it is doing to a lot of teachers and students. The importance and purpose of eduction is getting lost in the pressure to perform, to be perfect. Going back to Wiggins in my first post, we will fail early, we will fail often. THAT is OK!! Why can’t we take the pressure off ourselves? Why can’t we stop just for a moment, and ponder why we are here? Why we are educators? 

Let’s educate the whole child. Let’s facilitate passion. Let’s spark the LOVE for learning. Writing has provided me the path of reflection, to remember what is truely important. 

If any of you out there are like me, terrified to take the leap, do not see yourself as a writer, please do not be afraid! Just as we ask our students to take risks, you do not have to have everything figured out to keep moving forward! You do not need to be perfect!

This hangs in the front of my classroom. A great reminder!


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