What is the Purpose of Education?

As I go on this new blogging journey, it has caused me to reflect on numerous things in my teaching career. Writing has forced me to have those conversations with myself I might not otherwise have. One question keeps creeping up in my mind. What is the purpose of education? 

Reflecting back to student comments on grades in my previous post, we all have different perspectives on what “schooling” is for. Jobs, college, not getting grounded, doing enough to pass; to name a few. Is that, should that, be the soul purpose of education?

Should educators and leaders take a step back and redefine the purpose of education? I believe so.

Is career and college ready (common core) the soul purpose of education? I believe not.

Shouldn’t we instead help students discover their own special talents/giftedness? Shouldn’t we foster the best aspects of each individual and help students reach their full potential? Shouldn’t we teach students HOW to learn through researching what they are passionate about in an effort to discover the LOVE for learning? 

Wouldn’t students schooled in this philosophy be the future citizens we desire in our communities/country? Would you like to attend a school with this philosophy?


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